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Biltmore Inspirations is more than just another direct sales company.  Clearly, there are lots of other quality-minded companies from which to choose.

Let me share a few of the reasons that persuaded me to get started.


My Top 5 Reasons!

#1: It is simply a good business decision!

  • Ground Floor Opportunity equals an increased chance to generate earning power quickly. (This doesn’t come around often in direct sales.)
  • BILTMORE is a known home goods, gourmet food and wine brand that doesn’t need “explaining,” with their 120 years in business. That sells!
  • BILTMORE is QUALITY-DRIVEN! Anyone who has visited The Biltmore House in Ashville, NC, will have experienced the excellence.
  • Biltmore Inspirations is an entrepreneurial opportunity; grow your business as yours, with excellent guidance and support.

#2: Biltmore has a proven sales track record.

  • Many people in you know have visited The Biltmore Home.
  • Biltmore sells a bedding line at major retail stores to customers in your area.

#3: It is a Family Business Now and Forever!

  • Biltmore has always been a family-owned operation. Moreover, their 50-year Biltmore Inspirations business plan illustrates the level of commitment to the future of this NEW business.
  • The folks at the headquarters understand what it means to be a family in business. As women, our families become a part of whatever we do!

#4: The Product Line is Just Plain Cool!

  • This diverse line of products – food, wine accessories, home décor – is appealing to many and at every price point.
  • The items are amazing quality, through and through.
  • The line is INSPIRED by The Biltmore Home and its décor. Most items have a story behind them to tell your customers, rather than talking dryly about a “company.”
  • The Parties are Parties! Not Pressure! Enjoy a few hours of girl-talk with your hostesses, while showing off the décor, trading decorating ideas, and lots of Biltmore gourmet food tasting.

#5: The potential is UNLITIMTED!

  • When you combine the Biltmore brand name with the ground floor opportunity and a little bit of effort, only YOU determine set the limits to how far you can go.
  • Biltmore Inspirations has made it easy for you to gain success with top-notch business tools that come in your kit, as well as training calls to learn.
  • Opportunities include earning cool trips, extra product incentives, and more!


416644 Biltmore 053313 1024x682 Join My Team!

What you can expect from me!

  • I love empowering women to pursue their passion and goals. By joining my team, you not lack in encouragement!
  • There is no pressure on my team … although I do expect you to HAVE FUN doing this! Set your own goals; I am here to assist you to achieve them.
  • I will share all I know and all I learn with you. Your success is important to me.
  • I love leadership and business. Throughout my career, my focus was to teach people to think like leaders and develop their skills to succeed. I also have learned that we can all learn from each other as a team. I don’t claim to be an “expert.”
  • I love decorating! Enough said.
  • I have 26 years of marketing savvy and experience. My ideas are yours to use and call your own. I will strive to provide you easy ways to share about and grow your business.
  • I Dream Big. When my husband wanted to own one restaurant, I said, “let’s buy the territory!” (See my story below). I encourage you to set your goals just a little bit higher than you think you can achieve and go for them. Believe that you CAN, put in the right amount of effort, and watch them get met, however small or big.

Ready to go? Great, Click Here and Let’s Get the Party Started!


biltmore stuff Join My Team!Need more information? Read on …

If you:

* Love decorating, entertaining, wine, cooking, gardening, shopping, or travel

* Love visiting the Biltmore House in Asheville

* Want some girlfriend time

* Need more job flexibility

* Want to earn some extra money doing something fun

* Look for appreciation for a job well done …


Do what I did! Join with the Biltmore Inspirations team to meet your goals. What have you got too lose? Now, what have you got to gain!


Here is My Biltmore Inspirations Story

For over 14 years, I loved representing two wonderful Direct Sales companies – Longaberger and Southern Living at Home ­– in my hometown of Northern Virginia. In moving from Virginia to Florida six years ago, I let my consultant status lapse to help my husband, Jeff, open two burger franchise restaurants.

My role was to lay the groundwork to open the restaurants (Jeff runs the day-to-day operations), i.e.: business plan and development, location evaluation, loan acquisition, franchise, lease and buying negotiations, and the operations structure for our tax, accounting, payroll, and insurance, among other things. I continue to maintain overall operations and do the marketing.

This has been like getting a Master’s Degree in business!

I also own a busy graphic design & marketing company, my full-time gig for over 15 years (with a total of 25 years invested in my career), and I serve clients mainly in the Virginia/DC area still (yea for the virtual office).

I am also Mom to Samone, Slater, and stepsons Matt and Shane. (Slater was born a month before we opened our second restaurant.)

It has been a busy six years.

Our life is full and our businesses are thriving in this downturn economy. My design business is steady and growing. Our restaurants quickly rose to and remain in top in sales in the chain and we are voted Best Burger in Southwest Florida for four years running. We call ourselves blessed.

SO …  I was not looking for another “job.”

A friend sent me information about Biltmore Inspirations. With my recently honed skills at evaluating business opportunities, I did some light research, for fun. I had no intention of signing up. Yet the more I looked, the more I got HOOKED.

Now, as an independent consultant and team builder, Biltmore Inspirations affords me an opportunity to meet some financial and personal goals. I hope that you see the benefit to make your goals and dreams come true, too.

I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you!

As you have more questions or an interest in joining the team, just give me a call or send me an email, or click this link to JOIN NOW. I am here to help you start an inspiring and prosperous career that you will love.

We are looking for women of all ages and stages, in all parts of the United States. Whether you are a single working gal, a young mom, a career woman, an empty nester, or retired … Anyone can do this! Our fabulous products are going to sell themselves!

­Your Friend in Biltmore Inspirations,

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