FAQ About Biltmore Inspirations

  • What will Biltmore Inspirations sell?

We will sell a beautiful line of tabletop products, home decor, wine accessories, linens, candles, gourmet food, seasonal items and more. Our product line is INSPIRED by the long heritage and tradition of hospitality and entertaining at the Biltmore House.  Yoo can view our catalog of products by clicking here.
  • How much will it cost to become a Biltmore Inspirations Consultant?

The starter kit will be $199 and will be worth approximately $500-$600.
  • When can I order my starter kit?

Starter kits are now available for ordering!  When you order your starter kit, be sure to indicate that you would like for me, Caryn Smith, to be your sponsor.  Contact me and I will send you an order form.
  • How much will consultants make?

Consultants will make 25% of their retail sales. If you sell over $2,000 in products in one month then you will also receive an additional 5%. As you sponsor other consultants and begin to advance up the career ladder you will earn additional profits on what you sell as well as on what your team of consultants sell.
  • When can I get started?

You can start NOW! In fact, the quicker you order your kit, the sooner you can earn your way to Founding Consultant status! Parties are booking now, and orders can be placed as of July 1, 2011. If you know for sure that you want to become a consultant on my team, then let me know right away and I will help you get started booking parties and building a team of your own. I would love to help you launch this company with a strong team in place.

  • How can I reach you with questions?

Please feel free to give me a call at 239.225.6137 or send me an email if you have any questions at inspirationsstylecoach@gmail.com.
  • Is experience required?

No, absolutely not! If you would like to earn some extra money, enjoy decorating or entertaining, are a people person, love the Biltmore House, or just want an excuse to get out of the house, then I would love to have you join my team of consultants.

  • Can I work with Caryn, even if I don’t live in the same city?

You can become a Biltmore Inspirations Consultant if you live anywhere in the United States. We do not have any territories and I am growing a large team all across the country.