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Everyone at Biltmore is delighted to show you Biltmore Inspirations. We are committed to your success as a Biltmore Inspirations consultant or hostess and believe you will enjoy engaging your friends and customers with a great collection of products that make it possible to celebrate every day with style.

The generous, hospitable spirit of George and Edith Vanderbilt—plus their love of entertaining—made the Biltmore home a relaxed retreat for family and friends and a warm, nurturing environment for their daughter Cornelia. You are now a part of these wonderful traditions that make any house a welcoming home.

We’re proud that Biltmore is still family-owned and that our strong brand is based on our core values—quality, integrity, authenticity, hospitality, teamwork, community service, profitability and leadership. We invite you to learn more about our passion for preservation, local community support, responsible stewardship of resources, and our deeply-rooted spirit of entrepreneurship.

Inspired by our long heritage of entertaining, craftsmanship, and elegant design, Biltmore Inspirations will allow you to share simple, creative ways to help your guests make their own homes even more special. Thank you for considering this exciting new venture and product line!

Biltmore Inspirations is committed to making a difference in communities across America.

The Vanderbilt Family and their descendants have a long heritage of charitable outreach and personal commitment to action. Using this as our standard, Biltmore Inspirations sought a very special, meaningful way to ensure that we contribute to our founder’s legacy of helping others live well and purposefully.

As part of our vision for every home to be a welcoming retreat, Biltmore Inspirations has chosen a national organization as the beneficiary of our charitable giving efforts. We look forward to sharing the announcement of this highly-respected national organization with whom we are privileged to partner.

Community is Our Business.

From the beginning, Biltmore founder George Vanderbilt and his wife Edith shared a deeply-held belief in the importance of strengthening their community and empowering the people living within it to develop new economic opportunities to support their families. Since 1895, the Vanderbilt’s emphasis on personal responsibility and community service has been an integral part of the Biltmore experience, from on job creation and skill-development to protection of natural resources.

Edith Vanderbilt was particularly interested in helping community members learn new skills and trades that would lead to more possibilities for better wages and more satisfying work. She was instrumental in starting a Boys and Girls Club for young people which eventually became the highly respected Biltmore Industries business and she helped organize “Moonlight Schools” to improve adult literacy.

We honor Edith Vanderbilt’s vision and entrepreneurship as a cornerstone of the foundation for Biltmore Inspirations. Her efforts to help others become self-sufficient encourage and inspire us to ensure that her legacy survives—and thrives—in the lives of our Biltmore Inspirations consultants and in the larger community, as well.