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IMG 9112revised shad About CarynHi Gals!

It’s me – Your Coach to Stylin’ the Biltmore Inspirations Way! Now, I would much rather tell you all about this amazing new product line, and actually I do all over this blog, but here are some things you need to know about ME.

First of all, I am a true Decorista if you have ever met one. My house is always a work in progress. I have been decorating since cows were the acceptable décor kitchen theme, and, yes, I had plenty of them in my kitchen, but I have advanced a bit since then! Now, I go for the contemporary-traditional-Mediterranean-casual-formal-retro … okay, let’s not go crazy and peg me with a style. I just love HOME STYLE in general. I believe a home, and even each room, speaks to you what style it wants to be. I hear it and I start decorating. Guess you could call me the House-Whisperer! Yet, first and foremost, a house is a HOME, reflecting the values of the family that lives there – its heritage.

Secondly, I am a true Entrepreneur if you have ever met one. I believe in striving for excellence, and that is my only standard. Between my husband, Jeff, and I, we own five successful businesses. I have a marketing and graphic design firm, which I operate full-time (for the past 15 years). It has blessed me financially and creatively throughout the years! We own 2 neighborhood grille-style restaurants that are top producers in the chain, and we are voted Best Burger four years in a row now. My husband primarily runs them; I do overall operations, negotiating, advertising, and so on. And I also have 2 smaller direct sales businesses that I am growing. And in the past, I have been a direct sales representative for two of the larger home décor party companies, working mostly to feed my need for product!

I won’t bore you with details (which I thrive on, by the way), but I have written business plans, negotiated franchise agreements and leases with large shopping centers, and evaluated many business opportunities throughout the years – and I love doing it. When you get a chance to market a name brand like BILTMORE, see first-hand how they launch so professionally, attending to every detail, and then see their 50-year business plan and family-owned business model, it is a no-brainer to me that it makes good business sense to get on board to leverage the brand appeal! So, yea, I love business!

Lastly, I am a true Friend if you have ever met one. Friends will tell you that I am really not one to brag or hype myself. But to get to know you, I must tell you about me. Tell my story. I am a Mom to Samone and Slater, and step-mom to Matt and Shane. They are all my priority. I don’t miss any school function! (That is the reward for working for yourself. But that means, sometimes, I work odd hours.) I am a wife to Jeff, and his business partner, which adds another layer of complication to our relationship as you can imagine. But, alas, we make a great team. And to my friends, when I make one, it matters to me. I have friends for life – some of mine I have had for 35 years! I love to see my friends find success, however they define it.

Empowering and encouraging people is refreshing to me. It’s my thing. I think women underestimate their ability, power, and goals. I believe many have God-given potential that goes untapped for many different reasons.

If Biltmore Inspirations seems inspiring to you, all I can say is come along.

Don’t have time? You can’t top my busy schedule! Don’t have confidence? Easily fixed. No excuse, just do it.

So, ultimately, you can only give what you live. I live decorating, business, and friendship.

Freedom, faith, family, fun … are my future. With Biltmore I hope to accomplish them.

All things are possible!

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