Why Biltmore, and why NOW?

June 4, 2011 No Comments by Caryn

Biltmore House Front Wallpaper gsbkm 300x135 Why Biltmore, and why NOW?Now I am a mom with a 4- and 8-year-old, and have a full time job (actually 2), one as a graphic design and marketing company owner (and sole employee), and also my husband and I own 2 restaurants. So I understand BUSY!!

So why would I want to add one more job to my calendar? WOW because an opportunity like this only comes once in a lifetime, and I want in on it… and I want to offer you the chance to — earn $$, cool trips, free stuff…

I love business and I love empowering women to get what they want out of life. On my team you get the benefit of my 25 years in marketing & design, 15 as a small business owner, and 14 in direct sales experience.

This new line affords you the ability to be a “founding consultant.” This opportunity doesn’t come along very often! It is a business plan that is fully customizable to your busy life. And the more you grow into it, the more perks that come around doing it (free trips, more commissions, etc.).

This kind of opportunity is once in a lifetime. Launch is July 1, 2011. No parties have been held yet.

There are less than 1,000 consultants now across America – some party plans have 75,000 consultants in ONE city!

Business building has no borders, build your team across state lines!

What I also love is that this company is based on a strong heritage and stability. They are here to stay and only do things top-notch! It reflects the matters of the heart that bring women together for fun gathering, with no pressure – we all have enough of that.

These are “non-party” parties, as they call them, that are more about experiencing the product line for yourself with your friends than hearing a lecture on them.

Plus, along the way you might learn a few cool things about what “inspired” your favorite items from the Biltmore Home.

Biltmore, America’s largest home, has a 120 year HISTORY. That’s a brand that will be around a while!

Biltmore stands for gracious hospitality, amazing design style, and the warm, welcoming feeling of being a special guest in the home of good friends. I want to share that experience with you through Biltmore Inspirations—an outstanding collection of exclusive tabletop products, chef-inspired foods, home decor, wine accessories, and regional artist-inspired products, all inspired by the unique beauty of Biltmore.

Quality Home Decor – Gourmet Food – Wine Accessories – Art I’d like to personally invite you to join our Biltmore Inspirations family of consultants as we plan our first parties for summer 2011.

Interested in a ground floor opportunity? Parties start on July 1, 2011!

Call me at 239.225.6137

Email: InspirationsStyleCoach@gmail.com

All things are possible! I really believe that!! GOT QUESTIONS? Post away!!! Caryn Smith Biltmore Inspirations Team Leader / Consultant http://www.biltmoreinspirations.com/catalog/

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